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Update: December 27th, 2012

Due to changing economic conditions, several product have and will be increasing in cost.

Freight Trucks


Arch Bar Caboose Truck

Price $38.pr O Scale

Arch bar trucks were common under freight equipment until they were banned from interchange service in Dec. of 1939.

50 Ton Andrews L Section

Price $38.pr O Scale

Price $38.pr Proto 48

Andrews trucks were produced from 1910 through the 1930's. A single walled truck, the big selling feature of the Andrews design was that journal boxes from older arch bar trucks could be reused in the new Andrews trucks.

Andrews Caboose Trucks

Price $38.pr O Scale

This style of caboose truck came onto the scene in the mid teens and were popular through the 40's.

50 Ton Vulcan Trucks

Price $38.pr O Scale

Price $38.pr Proto 48

Vulcan cast trucks were produced in the 1920's. The re-use of journal boxes from Arch bar trucks was an economical way to upgrade a freight truck and the Vulcan side frame was a commmon choice.

70 Ton Keystone Truck

Price $42.pr "O"

Price $42.pr proto 48

These 70 Ton pedestal-type side frames are American Steel Foundries designed. There similar to the Vulcan side frame but designed so the tension and compression members meet over the journal box.

Crown Cast Steel Corp 70 ton Andrews style Truck

$42.pr "O"
Price $42.pr proto 48

This style of 70 ton truck used extensively by the PRR and other Eastern roads was popular due to its weight distribution over a longer than normal span that being 5' 10".

100 Ton 2F-F2 truck

$42.pr "O"

Designed in 1922 these 100 ton trucks replaced the original 2E1F1 archbar truck under the PRR F-22 and F-23 flats. They were also used under G22B gondolas and H-27 hoppers. This 100 ton truck featured cast steel intergral journal box side frames and cast steel bolsters. The spring package includes a coil-elyptical spring. The truck had a center of axle dimension of 5'10" and a journal size of 6 1/2" x 12".

50 Ton Bettendorf

Price $42.pr O Scale

A.R.A. "U" shaped side frame Bettendorf trucks were produced by several companies. Beginning in the late 20's manufactured into the 40's this was a common plank style truck.

Bettendorf Caboose Trucks

In Stock"

Price $38.pr O Scale

Price $40.pr proto 48

Straight from the 40's this was a very common Caboose truck used by many Railroads well into in the 60s'.

National B-1 50 ton

Sold out - O Scale
Price $40.pr proto 48

The National type B 1 truck was a major advance in freight car truck design when it aoppeared in 1931. Trunnions connecting the bolster and side frames made it self-aligning, so the added weight and complication of a spring plank was eliminated, and long travel springs afforded a better ride than conventional ARA trucks. Service and reduce maintenance cost made this truck popular in the 30'snad 40's. The design provided greater strength, more flexibility and less weight. This was the first plankless truck.

Buckeye Barber Stablized 70 ton truck

Price $42.pr "O"

Price $42.pr proto 48

The Buckeye Barber Stablized truck was designed to imporve service and reduce maintenance cost by eliminating unnecessary parts. The design provided greater strength, more flexibility and less weight. It is a plankless truck.

PRR 2D-F12 50 ton truck with coilelyptical leaf spring.

O Scale
Price $48.pr

limited supply

This 50 ton truck was found under the following PRR cars, X29, X31, X31a, X31b X31c, X31f, X32, X32a, X32b, X32c, X33, X33a, the one of a kind X36 and some X37 cars.Please note that not all the cars of a given class had these trucks. Trucks were commonly replaced with what was available.

Update: August 21st, 2011


T Section bettendorf trucks and FOX pressed steel trucks Reserve Now

"TO RESERVE " PRR 2D - F8 50 Ton Truck

Price TBA pr O Scale

Price TBA pr SOLD OUT p48

This style of 50 ton truck used extensively by the PRR. You have heard about this being offered for years, RY models is please to announce this coming early 2011.Reserve Now

FOX pressed steel trucks. reserve now!

Price TBD. O Scale

Price TBD. p48 Scale

My earliest offering to date. Built by Fox Solid Pressed Steel company 1890.This is a one time only build reserve today!

"T" Section Bettendorf reserve now!

Price TBD O Scale

Price TBD p48 Scale

The "T" frame bettendorf truck was the first freright car truck to have the journal boxes cast integrally with the side frames.

"O" Arch Bar " Sold Out"

Arch bar trucks were common under freight equipment until they were banned from interchange service in Dec. of 1939.

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