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Last Updated: May 8, 2009

Harriman Road Stock Car History

The newly designed S-40-4 Stock car was considered by the Railroad to be the new standard stock car for the 20th century. Designed in 1912 as a 36' car to replace older cars, orders were placed by several of the Harriman Railroad Companies. Over the next 3 years a total of 906 cars were built. Builders included Standard Steel Car, Pullman and Ralston Steel Car Co. In 1915 the cars were improved and fell under a new car class S-40-5. From 1915 until 1927 the car design was modified and cars were built into classes S-40-8, S-40-9, S-40-10. Some cars were double deck cars for handling smaller livestock.

The following railroads purchased cars. Southern Pacific,Texas & New Orleans, Pacific Electric, SP de Mexico, Houston East & West Texas, Galveston Harrisonburg & San Antonio, Northwestern Pacific, Arizona Eastern RR and San Diego & Arizona RR, Union Pacific RR.

Prototype Photo: Northwestern Pacific S-40-4

Our model features all brass construction,factory paint, trucks and Kydee © couplers.
Price TBA

Prototype Photo: Galveston Houston & San Antonio S-40-4

Prototype Photo: Houston East & West Texas S-40-4

Prototype photo: Pacific Electric S-40-4

Prototype photo: SP S-40-5

Prototype photo: H&TC "B" End S-40-5

Prototype photo: SP S-40-8

Prototype photo: SP S-40-9

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